May the skillful use of our hands be so directed that we bring relief to the suffering, strength to the sick and peace of mind to the anxious.

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The best chiropractic clinic in Portland.

If your back feels like it got run over by a truck (like mine did) this is the place for a tune up! Hands down the best chiropractic clinic and office in Portland. I know my back is on good hands here. The manipulations May be gentle (almost imperceptible), but they make a HUGE impact on the way my spine feels!

— Katy K.


I cannot say enough good things about the Dr’s.

I have been a patient of Dr. Shephard since 1987. Over those years Dr. Shephard and the other Dr’s have treated me for back issues, neck injuries from traffic accidents and most recently a work related severely sprained ankle. From the time you walk in the door you are treated with the highest level of courteous and professional service from the receptionists. The massage therapists are beyond thorough! They easily find every tight knotted muscle and get it tamed! I cannot say enough good things about the Dr’s. No twisting or torquing your body, all adjustments are done without using those scary and painful “Braveheart” style apparatuses! The results are quick and most importantly effective. The latest non invasive types of treatment are used. All in all, no matter how crummy I’ve felt going into the office I always feel dramatically better when I leave!

— Chris H


I instantly felt the blood circulation return to my feet

I am a long time patient of Dr Shephard and went to see him after pregnancy for aches and pains. I was surprised when he asked how my knees and ankles had been feeling as I had severe leg pain and swelling during pregnancy that hadn’t resolved. He treated my knees and ankles and I instantly felt the blood circulation return to my feet and the pain in my knees has been decreasing ever since. On top of that he treated baby and her range of motion has greatly improved which has helped significantly with breastfeeding!

— Amber G.


If anyone ever asked me to suggest a Chiropractor I would say Dr. Shephard!

I have suffered on and off with lower back pain since my early 20’s. Usually my back would go out every 4-6 months. I would be laid up in bed for 3-4 days until the pain subsided.

After this last episode I was finally convinced by a friend to seek professional help and went to see Dr. Shephard. When I arrived I could barely walk and the most comfortable position was to lay on my back in bed.

First of all Dr. Shepherd worked me into his schedule on his day off. He diagnosed that I had one leg shorter than the other and that my back pain was cause by not being in alignment and my right leg trying to over compensate and that when it couldn’t my back would go out.

He took and X-ray, did an adjustment, and fitted me for a lift. Over the next several weeks he did small adjustment to correct my lower back while letting my hips and spine come back into alignment. All of that to say it worked. I will always have to wear a lift in my shoe but if I never have to repeat being laid up in bed not able to move or walk it is a small price to pay.

If anyone ever asked me to suggest a Chiropractor I would say Dr. Shephard! The man know his stuff for sure. The other thing is that his goal is not to have you come back over and over. His goal is to help fix the problem and see you when you just want an adjustment.

I also have to say that his staff is very professional. I dealt mostly with Ashley. She is very kind, compassionate, and professional. My first impression of Dr. Shephard clinic was a phone call that I made and Ashley took care of setting up the appointment. Come to find out that she had only worked with Dr. Shephard for a short time and I was surprised to learn this because she seemed so natural.

All this to say if you are on google looking for a chiropractor and don’t know who to work with your time and energy will be well spent working with anyone at Dr. Shephard’s clinic.

— Christian S.


I wouldn’t ever even consider another chiro clinic!

I’ve been going to Dr. Shepherd since I was 8 years old, and he is just the greatest! He (along with the other doctors there) have helped me through several athletic back injuries, and have given me stretches and strengthening exercises to do at home. Dr. Shepherd is so friendly and positive, and I always feel great when I walk out of his office.

I wouldn’t ever even consider another chiro clinic!

— Katerina J.


Dr Shephard’s care kept me from surgery

I am writing this review to let anyone who is interested in knowing if Dr. Shephard’s clinic is a good place to go for Chiropractic treatment to assure people that he is THE best!

I started having serious trouble with my lower back about 10 years ago. It was being suggested by doctors that it looks like I might have to have my back operated on. I was a forklift driver at a large manufacturing plant here in Portland. My back got so bad I could not do my job anymore and the company put me on “light duty” which consisted of sitting in a guard shack for 8 hours keeping an eye on the lower parking lot for suspicious activity.

I was not getting better after several months of this and my doctor would not clear me to return to active work. My boss told me why don’t you get chiropractic care and maybe that will help you get better so you can get back to work.

I decided to give it a try since I was sick to death of “light duty”! I wanted to be well and go back to work.
I picked Dr. Shephard’s name out of the phone book and I cannot remember now why I chose him but it did not take him very long at all adjusting my back and I was cleared to return to full duty at work. I needed regular adjustments for some time after that but Dr Shephard’s care kept me from surgery and from my back ever getting into a serious problem again. His office is so welcoming and considerate. It is always a joy to go there. Dr Shephard is a really wonderful person. I was not surprised in the least when he won Chiropractor of the Year award a few years ago. He deserved it in my opinion. I have gone to businesses before in my life where I was left with the feeling like I never wanted to go to that place again. Dr Shephard’s office is the opposite of that. You really look forward to the next time you get to go back there.

— Nathan H.


He used a treatment called ArthroStim Therapy.

I wanted to write this review in hopes that it might help someone else. About 20 years ago I had two neck surgeries as a result of multiple car accidents. The surgeons inserted bone plugs between my C4 & C5, then C5 & C6 vertebrates along with a titanium plate to stabilize the neck. After the surgeries I had the traditional rehabilitation, was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and the state deemed me disabled. Basically saying there was nothing more they can do for me.

My children were young and I had to care of my family. I didn’t take advantage of any state aide, worked, and continued as an ordinary citizen. The pain was in check until recently. Maybe because I am older and my body isn’t able to cope with the back pain and changes that were happening for the worst. I had pain that radiated from the middle of my back on the left side all the way to the top of my head, down my left arm, and down to my toes. On many occasions my left foot would spasm and lock until the spasms subsided.

For mother’s day last year, my husband gave me a massage. The massage therapist, Nicole, sensed something was wrong with my back and convinced me to see Dr. Scott Shephard of Shephard Chiropractic Clinic in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Shephard was named 2008 Chiropractor of the Year by the Oregon Chiropractic Association. The first thing he did was take x-rays of my back. It turns out I had a curvature of the middle of my spine. Interestingly enough, it was a 3 dimensional rotation of the spine. We discussed my concerns because of the the surgeries and plate in my neck. Dr. Shephard decided not to use the traditional chiropractic adjustments. He used a treatment called ArthroStim Therapy.

This is the research I found about the therapy. It helps alleviate neck, back, and extremity pain. ArthroStim is a non-invasive, drug-free pain management technique that is an alternative to some surgeries. In fact, most people get relief using these machines following ineffective drugs, injections or physical therapy. The cause of neck and back pain vary from person to person, but it usually comes down to three different types of tissues, they are separated into bone, nerve, and muscles. The ArthroStim is a unique instrument that delivers multiple, low amplitude thrusts producing 12-14 thrusts per second which matches the same frequency in the sensory motor cortex. Matching the same frequency causes inhibition of motor activity and muscle relaxation. This matching frequency causes decreased muscle spasms, facilitates healing, and bombards and confuses the central nervous system, thus reducing the overall pain level. The impulse on the bone increases the joints range of motion, breaks joint adhesions and reduces inflammation. The frequency of treatment also helps align the bony structures to increase optimal biomechanics.

Some people prefer the use of these tools for their adjustment, because it is more gentle than the traditional Chiropractor manual adjustment and also do not like to be twisted or turned during normal adjusting protocols. The ArthroStim also work well for people that are extremely acute and can barely move, such as post auto injury. This is a lower impact therapy that people can respond to better. These tools are also great and safe for children and seniors, as the lower force reduces the chance of post-adjustment soreness.

I made the commitment to make my back better. There was nothing to lose and everything to gain. We decided on a weekly treatment. At about the 6 month mark, my foot stopped spasming and the radiated pain to my head was gone. It’s been almost a year since I first started the treatments and the pain is almost gone. It is isolated to the middle back, and at times only feels as if it’s in knots with no pain. I know and feel I am getting better. I am standing straighter. For people going through chronic back pain, this is a wonderful treatment. But as with all good things, time and patience is required. I am so amazed by how I feel. Thank you Dr. Shephard for all you do.

— Mei W.